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Account Access is an exciting new addition to the many services we provide our customers. Account Access enables you to make payments for most all our services, ONLINE, from the comfort of your home. That means that customers who used to have to come to the store or mail in checks and coupons to pay for balances on their account with The String Project, can now pay for rentals, update AutoPay information and pay for special ordered items, all using Account Access. Please note, signing up for Account Access is not required to make purchases from our on-line catalog. 
How Do I Sign Up? 
1. Create An Account
To start using the Account Access system, you first need to create an account on the www.TheStringProject.com website. Even though you may already have an in-store account, a web account must still be setup. If you have ever purchased any thing from this website, you already have an account setup. ***Click here to create an account now*** 
2. Request Account Access Service
Next, you will have to submit a request through this website to be included in our Account Access system. To do this you will need to know your in-store account number. You can find this number printed on receipts you may have gotten from purchases or payments made at The String Project, it can also be found on payment coupons and rental statements. You can also call our store at 1-847-934-7500, and one of our Representatives will be happy to tell you your account number.
***Click here to Request Account Access now***
3. Wait for the Request to be Processed
Once your request has been submitted it will need to be processed by The String Project and linked to your in-store account. When your request has been processed you will receive an email notifying you that you can start using Account Access. Most requests will be processed by the next business day.

Start using Account Access!!!
You are now ready to begin using Account Access! From the "Account Access" menu tab at the top of the screen you will see the Account Access options.