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Learning to play a string instrument can be a fun and rewarding experience, but the experience can turn to disappointment and frustration with a poorly set-up and maintained rental instrument.


Don't be taken in by "Shiny and Pretty" deals.  Often times these instruments are not set up well and haven't settled in through use.


All of our instruments are properly set up by professionally trained violin makers before leaving our shop, and are kept in the best possible playing condition, allowing students the best chance of succeeding.

Basic Rental Program
(Quantities may be limited on some Instruments)

Monthly Rental with

Maintenance & Replacement Coverage

Violin - 1/32 Size through Full Size    


Viola - 11 inch through 17 inch    


Cello - 1/10 Size through Full Size    


Bass - 1/8 Size through 3/4 Size    


Click here to view the rental agreement in a pdf file.  



Clich here to view the AutoPay Authorization Form in a pdf file.


Have questions? Call us at (847) 934-7500 or at email us at [email protected]